Share, edit, and annotate in real time

Interactive Whiteboards and Smart boards

Meet your new favorite tool for collaboration and remote work environments.

As the popularity of remote work environments soars, digital displays and boards bring team members closer together. Smartboard technology is ideal for facilitating meetings, remote teambuilding sessions, and remote learning in a user-friendly way. Digital interactive whiteboards feature ease of use, high-res graphics and video, and touchscreen technology.

Inquire About Getting a Smartboard

Key Features of Interactive Displays:

  • Improve communication amongst teams and classrooms.
  • Ease of use and screen sharing during meetings and video calls
  • Network and camera connection to enable remote team collaboration and video conferencing
  • Project management tools allow teams to track changes in real-time
  • Streamline meeting or classroom notes into one central location, shared with all attendees
  • Allows multiple users to access the board from their location
  • Keep virtual meetings and classrooms engaging by introducing new games and learning experiences to curriculum.

Learn About Smart Boards

What is a smartboard?

A smartboard is a giant, digital touchscreen that looks like a traditional whiteboard. Smartboards give presenters or teachers the option to interact with their content in real-time. Many smartboards also act as large computers, featuring built-in cameras and operating systems.

Are smart boards for the classroom?

Digital whiteboards are perfect for teachers and educators. Smart boards allow students to interact with their lesson plans and explore new subjects in a visual way that improves communication. Many teachers incorporate games and puzzles into their otherwise routine lesson plans as a way to create more engagement in their class. Much like learning styles, there is no right or wrong way to use a smartboard for teaching; it’s all about creativity and preference.

Why would a business need a Smart Board?

Smart Boards allow you to share, edit, and annotate in real-time. This is beneficial for remote work and maintaining interaction and collaboration.

Is a smart board also a physical whiteboard?

Yes, interactive whiteboards offer the best of both worlds; they combine the dry-erase era with modern smart technologies.

Are there different sizes available

Yes, interactive displays come in a variety of sizes, up to 86″. All sizes include a touchscreen, file editing and sharing, environmental sensors, and integration with conferencing solutions.

Do interactive whiteboards sync with the cloud?

Yes, one of the perks of using an interactive whiteboard is their ease of access for all users. Whether you’re on a remote team, or looking to revisit meeting notes, smartboards have the ability to save documents and information to your cloud storage.

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