Hesitant to spend what a smartboard costs? Rent it.

Renting office equipment offers several advantages compared to owning it outright. It provides cost savings by eliminating the need for a large upfront investment and allowing you to pay rental fees only for the duration of use.

Renting also offers flexibility in equipment selection and scalability, as you can easily upgrade or switch equipment based on changing needs. Updates, repairs, and installs are typically handled by the rental company, saving you time and money.

Smartboards have witnessed a remarkable surge in popularity within businesses, driven by their ability to revolutionize meetings, presentations, and collaborative work environments. As organizations strive to enhance communication and productivity, smartboards offer a cutting-edge solution.

These interactive devices empower professionals to deliver engaging and impactful presentations, annotate digital content in real-time, and seamlessly integrate multimedia elements.

With their collaborative features, multiple users can interact simultaneously, fostering teamwork and idea generation. The ability to save and share digital notes and materials promotes efficient information sharing and simplifies post-meeting follow-ups. Businesses are increasingly embracing smartboards as they align with the modern workplace’s emphasis on interactive communication, innovative problem-solving, and efficient workflow management.

Smartboards can be seamlessly integrated into Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) platforms.

Through integration, smartboards can become an integral part of virtual meetings and video conferencing, allowing participants to share content, make annotations, and collaborate in real-time. This integration enables users to access and interact with smartboard features directly from their UCaaS applications, fostering a more immersive and interactive meeting experience that combines audio, video, and shared digital content.

The average price of a smartboard can vary depending on several factors, including the brand, size, features, and additional accessories like wireless connectivity or Bluetooth, document cameras, audio systems, mobile stands, digital display overlays/films, and more.

The availability of accessories can vary depending on the specific interactive display model and brand. It’s always advisable to contact us or a manufacturer to determine the compatible accessories for a the best smartboard for your needs.

Overall, if the price of a smartboard or the cost of a smartboard is holding you back, a rental might be a great option for you; this grants access to the latest technology without the burden of ownership, and it may provide tax benefits as well.

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