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Facility Management and Back Office Outsourcing

Facility Management or Facilities Management (also known as FM) is when a service provider assists with maintaining a workplace’s functionality and sustainability.

DOCUmation offers onsite services that enhance our technology recommendations by having skilled technicians available onsite for recurring and temporary needs. We can handle your document output management, office support, records management, print shop, and mail center processes in an efficient, cost-effective way.

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Why Third-Party Support?

It can take time for the technicians to come to your office whenever a machine is broken, or any other service is required. An onsite facility manager is typically “stationed” at the office’s location with a team of experts and acts as an extension of a partner’s team. The responsibilities of an onsite Facility Manager can range from fixing a machine, planning and delivering infrastructure, or helping with project management.

Benefits of using a partner for facilities maintenance include:

  • Get the job done without leaving your desk
  • Onsite maintenance for upkeep and equipment repairs
  • Improved monitoring and staying at the forefront of industry standards
  • Decreased downtime and continuity
  • Reordering and maintaining supplies and inventory

Learn More About the Benefits of Facilities Management (FM)

How can DOCUmation's FM offerings help my business?

Through Facilities management, our team handles all supply orders, mail distribution, and any other needs to maintain the background operations of your facility.   

How does FM reduce expenses?

Timely maintenance and repairs improve work efficiency and save businesses hundreds of bucks. When a machine runs at optimal efficiency, it will consume less energy, leading to balanced, trackable costs.

Likewise, frequent monitoring helps identify potential problems and risks in advance, saving businesses from getting overcharged by expensive technicians later.

I've heard of mailroom management - what does this entail?

Through Facilities management, mailroom services are available. Your business can receive mail straight to departments and send outgoing mail without leaving your desk. Our experts process incoming and outgoing mail and packages in a timely, cost-effective manner with efficient, organized, and compliant processes for your mailroom operations. 

What is technology management in regards to facilities management?

The primary role of technology management in FM is setting up systems and devices to leverage the industry’s latest technology. For instance, ensuring all software is updated frequently, using cloud-based systems instead of local computing, and picking software with advanced security measures to protect the company’s sensitive data.

How does using a third-party partner for Facilities Management increase efficiency?

FM takes into account all the possible means of enhancing work productivity. It ensures that everyone within a business’s premises can complete their jobs effectively. For that, it keeps an eye on areas such as technology use, transport and vehicles, and daily equipment to provide a clean, safe, and functional work environment.

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