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The business world is full of niche terminologies, one of which is MPS. It stands for Managed Print Service, but what exactly is it?

A Managed Print Service provider or MPS manages a company’s document output. In other words, an MPS optimizes and manages a business’s print devices, such as printers, copiers, scanners, and other machines. It ensures the work runs smoothly without any issues in the company’s print environment.

At a glance, an MPS handles printing, scanning, copying, faxing, and other document-related services. But this management goes beyond just ensuring the effective functioning of electronic devices.

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Benefits of Using a Managed Print Provider

Managed Print Service makes managing a business much easier. When you are no longer bothered by minor or major issues, you can shift your focus to tasks demanding more attention.

Thus, employing a managed approach to your print system is a smart way to relieve IT members who otherwise are forever burdened with monitoring and fixing printer maintenance. It also assists in long-term cost management and keeps your devices working for a long time.

Lastly, when hiring MPS, you can stay relaxed knowing experts handle things. It results in higher functionality and productivity and improves the business’s image.

The job of MPS also includes overviewing an organization’s printing needs and deeply analyzing their document usage. It will also record the average number of times a machine is used daily, what it is used to print (or copy, fax, scan, etc.), who uses the machine, and how much each action (e.g., printing one page/document) costs.

  • Track exactly who is printing and how much is being printed
  • Boost your team’s uptime and productivity
  • Maintained by professional technicians
  • Security and usage are monitored – enhancing your security standpoint

Managed Print FAQs

When should I use managed print services for my business?

Print management should be used to keep everything running smoothly. Otherwise seamless operations can be interrupted when employees order toner themselves, prints are made to the wrong printer, or even if many prints have been printed yet they are incorrect. 

Am I able to track our printing?

Yes, DOCUmation has a software solution that allows customers to see the costs and quantities associated with a printing fleet or device. This type of automation may also require a user to enter a passcode before printing, pay per print, or access their print logs.

How does a managed printer fleet increase productivity?

Machines like printers, copiers, and scanners are heavy investments that make durability and longer life must-haves for these machines.

MPS is often confused with just monitoring and addressing minor issues in devices. However, they are also responsible for providing printing support, full maintenance/repair, updating the machines, replacing parts when necessary, and providing labor.

Thus, hiring MPS services means ensuring your one-time investments last as long as possible without sudden downtimes. The functionality of the devices is improved, positively impacting your workspace productivity and efficiency.

Am I expected to know how to fix or maintain my printers?

No, we handle all the problems you may face as well as provide you with the right training and guidance for maximum output and upkeep.

How does using a Managed Print Provider impact our security stance?

Using a managed print company helps eliminate security concerns. The world is changing fast, and it is hard for businesses to stand firm in heavy competition with poor data security.  

Machines like printers, copiers, and scanners are at direct risk of cyber attacks because a ton of data passes through them daily. Moreover, technology gets routinely updated, which increases the risks of cyberattacks if your system is not well-updated. 

Managed Print Service providers assist in developing a solid security infrastructure to secure sensitive information from unauthorized access. They can also detect suspicious printing outside of regular business hours. 

MPS professionals know where the world is moving and stay up-to-date with all the updates in the technical world. They can devise the most secure plan for your printing equipment and protect your data against cyberattacks.  

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