Wide Format Printers

Bring Your Vision to Life with Large Scale Print Projects

Wide format printers, also called plotters, can print blueprints, posters, and other large projects ranging in size from 18” to 100”, dependent on machine specs. These oversized printers are a great tool for high-volume print environments and output with speed and precision. We proudly offer and service a variety of large-format printers from award-winning brands like Canon, RICOH, KIP and HP.

Our deep understanding of large-format printers is the defining strength of our consultancy services. Different businesses and projects require specific print equipment as this is the only way to be assured of consistent and high-quality output. Instead of randomly picking the next available large-format color printer, we guide you on the best choice.

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Print Posters, Signage, and More!

Large-format printing is used in many industries!

Marketing and advertising agencies

  • Print promotional materials, advertisement posters, pitch and presentation display boards.

Engineering and architecture

  • Print blueprints, printing wayfinding signage, and maps for malls, trails, or communities.


  • Print large-scale classroom materials, complex charts and graphs, classroom posters, promotional materials, and advertisements for campus activities.

Manufacturing, automotive, and transportation

  • Print cartography maps, presentations, facilities maps, wayfinding signage, aerial photographs, car decals, floor graphics, and window displays.

Small Businesses

  • Print branded marketing materials, banners, signs, and posters for marketing materials, and trade show exhibits.

Hospitals and Healthcare

  • Print banners, promotional materials, and creatively print decals and décor medical rooms more welcoming for patients.

Learn About Large-format Printing

What is a wide format printer?

Wide format printers also known as large-format and grand-format, are used for printing jobs that need to be larger than the typical 8.5 inches by 11 inches. Wide format prints include printing posters, banners, blueprints, display signage, and more!

What is the lifespan of a wide format printer?

When you rent a printer or copier from DOCUmation, you automatically receive an upgraded device approximately halfway through your rental agreement.

What are the benefits of renting a large format printer?

Renting a wide format printer has a variety of benefits…

  • Save time and stress by managing your own art, file format, and proof
  • Eliminate turnaround times with fast output
  •  Reduce waste and choose your precise print quantity
  • Increase volume while lowering printing and shipping costs
  •  Maintain document security by printing in house
  •  Print on paper, vinyl, cotton fabric, and other durable materials
  •  Drive additional sales through easily produced promotional materials

Does DOCUmation offer temporary technology rentals for short-term projects?

We make business technology work for you. Our short-term rental agreements are great for pop-ups, conventions, architecture firms, construction sites, and temporary office leases.

DOCUmation accommodates requests across Texas by combining business technology and exceptional service.

Our short-term, daily rentals are managed by our branches located in San Antonio, Houston, Dallas-Fort Worth, Midland-Odessa, Abilene, the Rio Grande Valley, and Austin.

Need to rent a printer? Contact us to learn about our short-term rental inventory!

I’m looking to outsource a print project. Can you assist?

Looking for a print shop? Need to outsource a print project? We have you covered! DOCUprint, our onsite print shop, is managed by industry experts who understand the importance of details and exceptional service. Learn more here.

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