DOCUmation Houston Shows Support for Montgomery County Organization, Yes to Youth

Our Houston team proudly supported Yes to Youth at their annual gala this weekend and are proud of the work they do to support their community.

Yes to Youth – Montgomery County Youth Services is a non-profit organization that works to provide individual, group and family counseling as well as crisis intervention and suicide prevention in a safe and nurturing environment. Yes to Youth also provides a Healthy Supports Program for pregnant and parenting teens and the BridgeWay Emergency Youth Shelter for ages 10-17 and a 24 hour crisis hotline. All services are provided with no cost to clients, in order to help at-risk youth heal and become empowered.

At DOCUmation we strive to better the lives of our teammates, costumers, partners, and community which is why we are proud to have worked alongside Yes to Youth since July 2022, managing their print fleets.

Find out more about Yes to Youth and how you can get involved and support their mission at their website.