Why You Should Support Small Businesses


Imagine a world in which every company had its headquarters in the same city. It would be a nightmare! That one city would be overpopulated, and traffic would be at a standstill. Meanwhile, other cities would be hurting for jobs and unable to grow.

Your support of local small businesses helps economic development in the region. It brings and keeps more money in the community. This is common sense, but it is often easy to forget with the ease of online transactions.

Reasons Why You Should Support Small Businesses

While it might be tempting to purchase everything online or partner with large corporations, consider some of the benefits of working with small businesses.

Supporting the Community and Its Workforce

The well-being of a local community goes beyond just bare job numbers. It includes the local flavor and sense of community. Local businesses bring that special extra something that helps create vibrancy in the community.

Supporting small businesses helps the local workforce by bringing more jobs to the area. Small businesses also help employees by offering more personal ways to apply to and join a company, rather than the sometimes impersonal and automated hiring process of larger corporations. This helps non-traditional job candidates in particular.

Finding Something Special

When you choose local goods and services, you’re pretty much guaranteed to encounter a unique experience. Whether it’s a handmade or locally sourced item or having the expertise of someone who knows the area to make an accurate and personalized recommendation, chances are you’ll find something one of a kind at a local small business.

Building a Foundation

With a large corporation, you’re just one in hundreds of thousands of customers, but in a small, locally owned business, you’re treated like a real person, not another customer. Small businesses also give you an opportunity to build relationships and network with members of your local community that may end up giving you an advantage down the road.

Small Businesses Are the Lifeblood of San Antonio

There’s Southern Hospitality, and then there’s Texas Hospitality. If you are from Texas, you know what we mean. Texas has a special quality that is unique on the planet. With just the right mix of bravado, courtesy, and humor, Texas culture has a palpable “It Factor” or “X Factor” that just can’t be found in other states. With more than 1.5 million residents, San Antonio, an amazing and diverse city in the heart of Texas, is the seventh most populated city in America.

San Antonio was ranked as a Top Recession-Proof City by Forbes, and it is one of the top 20 best major cities in the United States to start a small business. Buying from San Antonio’s small businesses helps San Antonio remain competitive and attractive as a top city in the United States.

It might be tempting just to do business with the “big guys.” But in places like San Antonio, small business is the fuel that drives the local economy. To support small business is to help San Antonio grow and thrive. Whether it’s eating some local BBQ, enjoying a night out on the San Antonio RiverWalk, or tasting fine wines from a nearby Texas Wine Country, San Antonio small businesses are what makes San Antonio unique and vibrant. Beyond jobs, local businesses bring in tourists and provide a level of Texas hospitality that may not be found from an out-of-state corporation or national chain.

Furthermore, the City of San Antonio is known for the town’s supplier diversity, meaning that local small businesses owned by veterans, minorities, and women are given opportunities. In 2019, $253 million was paid to 553 S/M/WBEs (Small/Minority/Women Business Enterprises) by the city, representing 57% of its contractual spending.

Texas is unique, and San Antonio is a special slice of that uniqueness. It’s that down to earth San Antonio vibe that separates it from its neighbors up north, upscale Dallas and hipster Austin. San Antonio’s small businesses contribute to that unique character.

DOCUmation Supports the Community as a Local San Antonio Small Business

DOCUmation is a local Texas business headquartered in San Antonio. Founded by Lou Scantland 30 years ago, this family company is still going strong, with now third-generation leadership. We are committed to “serving with integrity and embodying good old-fashioned Texas values” – that’s who we are.

We are actively involved in supporting the San Antonio community. We have won many local awards, including “Best Place to Work” by the San Antonio Business Journal, as well as one of the “300 Most Iconic Businesses in San Antonio.” In 2019, the San Antonio Hispanic Chamber of Commerce also awarded us the Family Excellence Award.

We love Texas, but more importantly, we love San Antonio and plan to stay here for another 30 years, at least.

At DOCUmation, we pride ourselves on being thought leaders in the managed print services industry. We are a local San Antonio business and “Texas Proud”. We work with businesses of all sizes, from large corporations to small businesses. Contact us for more information on how we can help your business.



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