Why Printer Leasing Is the Ideal Option for Small Businesses in San Antonio, Texas


Sick of dealing with paper jams and toner outages? Printer leasing is becoming the preferred method of handling in-house printing systems for businesses. A printer lease for small business can make a huge difference in productivity, overall efficiency, and even the bottom line.


In a traditional lease, printer equipment is “rented out.” However, when we talk about printer leasing these days, we are often talking about managed print services. Managed print services (MPS) include the leasing of the physical machine(s) as well as the maintenance and supply management.


The Benefits of Printer Leasing


Printer leasing has many benefits for small businesses in San Antonio, Texas. Here are some of the advantages of leasing printers, especially when doing it via managed print services:


Cost Savings and Oversight


When you do-it-yourself with printers, you may end up paying more.


The best, top-of-the-line multi-function printers (MFPs) are expensive and can run upwards of $10,000. Multi-function printers, which also serve as copiers, scanners, and fax machines, can be critical equipment in terms of their capabilities (as well as to save space).


Simple leasing (without managed print services included) helps to pay for top-of-the-line printing equipment without having to make an upfront investment that would soon depreciate. It often includes printer maintenance in the monthly cost.


With managed print services, additional cost savings are offered. This is through the inclusion of proactive printer maintenance as well as the centralized tracking and monitoring of printer costs.


Protection Against Outdated Printer Equipment


Outdated printer equipment can be a massive burden on a small business. It may never work properly or fail when you most need it. Keeping older equipment maintained and functioning may be challenging. A printer lease means you can take advantage of the newest equipment without a huge upfront cost.


Greater Workflow Efficiency


Malfunctioning printers slow workflows and make productivity sometimes impossible. With the right equipment – and even better, cloud printing solutions set up by a managed print services provider –business workflows can be enhanced and streamlined.


Enhanced Security


Newer printer equipment will automatically be more secure. It will typically have more security features like user authentication and better firewalls. With managed print services, you will have a team monitoring your printer network and securing any areas of potential weakness.


Types of Printer Leases and The Process of Printer Leasing


The most important question to answer first is whether your company wants to use a full managed print services solution or lease their printing equipment.


Printer Equipment Leases


Your lease may be determined by the market value of the printer or MFP. Or, it could be calculated based on an estimate of pages printed per month. Leasing printers and MFPs as a straight equipment rental is not that dissimilar from renting furniture. Instead of buying the equipment outright, your company is purchasing a lease. There are two main types of printer equipment leases:


Operating Leases (Fair Market Value Leases) – These printer leases have the benefit of low monthly payments. The company rents the equipment, so it is not added as a capital expense on the balance sheet as a purchased asset. Potentially, the lease may have the option to buy the printer equipment once the lease has expired (minus age, wear and tear, etc.).


Capital Leases ($1 Buyout Leases) – These printer leases are a bit more complicated to understand. Still, the short version is this: You spend more money upfront in monthly payments, but the cost of owning the machine on the backend is cheaper. This is less common than an operating lease but is often chosen by companies that want to purchase equipment without having to pay for it upfront.


Managed Print Services


A managed print services (MPS) solution is the next step up. You hire a managed print services company to handle all company printer equipment, maintenance, and supplies. The MPS company will work with you to assess your needs. They will then install the equipment, maintain it, track the usage, and pre-order supplies such as toner in advance. Using secure cloud technology, printer usage is monitored.


Choosing a Vendor for a Printer Lease for Small Business


In selecting the right vendor for your printer lease, you’ll want to understand the contract terms and what is included or excluded. Is the lease based on usage? Or is it based on printer value? Is it a fully managed print services solution? All this info should be evaluated before deciding.


DOCUmation is a leading managed print services provider serving small, medium, and large businesses in San Antonio and across Texas. We also lease printers. For more information on the best solution for your small business, contact us today.



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