Why Managed IT Services Are Important for Public Relations Firms


Whether your public relations firm is big or small, managed IT services can help. With the need to be agile in a fast-paced digital landscape, smart PR companies utilize IT managed services to save money, improve security, and reduce overhead costs.

Managed IT services are increasingly becoming the norm for all kinds of companies. In the PR industry, managed IT provides unique benefits – from enabling instant access to documents via the cloud to streamlining document workflows.

6 Ways PR Firms Can Benefit From Managed IT Services

The basic concept of a managed technology solution is that you hire a company to handle your IT needs rather than doing it all in-house. These solutions are not one-size-fits-all but customized for the specific business and industry. Public relations firms are ultimately people-oriented companies, with a focus on creativity and communication – not being technology experts. This makes managed IT solutions especially helpful for growing public relations agencies.

Here are just a few of the ways managed IT services can help PR companies:

1. PR Firms Need to Prioritize Client Needs First

The last thing your PR firm needs is to lose clients because you were focused on putting out in-house tech fires instead of being on top of the news cycle. You get to focus on your core business – public relations – and let the IT experts handle your technology needs.

2. No Need to Have an IT Staff

Most smaller PR organizations can only afford to hire one system administrator, and they are lucky if that person is full-time. The problem with solo system administrators is that they are not redundant – meaning, if that person is sick or on vacation, no-one else can handle the problem.

Often, system administrators can have personal quirks and biases towards specific operating systems or old-school ways of doing things that are not helpful for your core business.

And, of course, there is the issue of cost – from salary to benefits to Workers’ Compensation.

A managed IT services solution means you have an expert team working for you on-call, without the concerns of losing critical support because a solo system administrator is gone. You’ll also get the latest technologies, instead of just what a solo system administrator might personally know.

3. Reliable Backup

The last thing a busy PR firm needs is a partial or total loss of data. Press releases, promotional copy, and client data is all critical and always needs to be accessible. An ad hoc in-house solution is likely to be patchy at best, and non-existent at worst. Managed IT solutions provide that needed backup and document security in a comprehensively.

4. Security

Chances are, your PR firm has a few clients who want to keep their information strictly confidential. Moreover, they may have hired you for product launches or other important announcements that they don’t want leaked before the time is right. With more and more hacking going on, having a secure managed IT solution is imperative for top PR firms.

5. Cloud Access

PR is a fast-moving industry where instant access to information is a must. When meeting with clients, you need to be able to access documents on the fly. Furthermore, having your documents cloud accessible, organized, and tracked can make a huge difference in productivity. This is where document management solutions can become a critical part of your overall IT strategy.

6. Cost Efficiency

The bottom line, as you can see, is that managed IT solutions are quite affordable compared to the alternative of trying to hire and manage an in-house system administrator or technology team. Managed IT can also provide the cloud access you need, while keeping software and technologies up to date. All these great benefits also save costs on technology overhead.

Managed IT Services Can Help Public Relations Firms

Running a PR firm in today’s highly competitive landscape is tough enough. With the help of a high-quality managed IT service solution, PR firms can focus on the critical task of keeping clients happy. The best part about managed IT solutions is that they are customized and tailored to your business needs. These custom IT solutions can also grow with your PR business.

At DOCUmation, we pride ourselves on being thought leaders in the managed IT services industry. We are experts in technology solutions for PR firms that improve security, increase productivity, and reduce costs. Contact us for more information on how we can help your business.



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