What is Unified Communications (UCaaS) and Why is VoIP the new “must have” Phone System?

What is UCaaS (Unified Communication as a Service)?

UCaaS or Unified Communication as a Service, is a way to harmonize all your company communications simultaneously. It is the synchrony of the company’s communication technologies on a single platform.
It is a communication tool designed to significantly increase business productivity and internal and external communication efficiency. It combines numerous services, including instant messaging, VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), video conferencing, collaboration tools, and file sharing.
All business communication tools and platforms integrate into a single, streamlined system using UCaaS. Everything from accounting and marketing to communication and even team building is made simpler by such automation.

How does UCaaS Include VoIP to Improve Effective Communication?

Voice over Internet Protocol is also known as VoIP (voice-over-IP), IP Telephony, IP Phones, or Internet Phones. It is implemented on-site using a special adaptor that connects to your internet service provider instead of telephone cables. VoIP calls are made locally with devices that are IP compatible, and they typically come with advanced features and built-in mobility.

VoIP providers offer services like cost savings, phone line management, contact center management, automated call distribution, interactive voice recognition, remote phone line management, and much more to help businesses have the most control over all voice communication.

In other words, VOIP is a service that comes under the vast umbrella of UCaaS. Such services enable users to expand business services beyond traditional telephoning. It combines improved audio communication with reliable software. So, accessing the service of UCaaS ensures that you have a multi-channel communication system that will help to drive productivity.

What are the Types of UCaaS?

The service has two kinds of technical structures, which are:
Single-tenancy Structures: This is a private server. No other user can have access to the communication you are having. Companies mainly use it for internal company communications and private meetings. It is a company’s personal communication tool for discussing different things ranging from travel arrangements to hiring initiatives to sensitive topics such as new product lines and client information.
● Multi-tenancy Structure: Multi-tenancy functions similarly to a shared server. The UCaaS is derived from a computer that concurrently provides a single service to many users. The company users can create a single platform to offer services to numerous customers using multi-tenancy.

How can Unified Communications Benefit Your Business?

The inclusion of UCaaS benefits your business in many ways, from reducing the hassle of handling different scattered communication apps to providing an all-in-one solution to your business. Let’s have a look at some of the main benefits of UCaaS.

● Improves productivity
Team chats, hosted telephony phone calls, and screen sharing eliminate the need for team members to switch devices to make calls or share information. Since calls can be placed on phones and laptops, less time is lost constantly switching between gadgets.

● Cost Efficient
Managing multiple IT providers leads to paying twice for overlapping services. Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) streamlines and prevents double billing.

● Empowers Work From Home
Unified communications let your team work together from anywhere with WiFi. Even when working from home, your remote team can stay connected through real-time file sharing, screen sharing, and video calls. It’s like having your whole team in one virtual office.
● Better Cyber Security
You’ll be more susceptible to cyberattacks if you select numerous IT and communication services for one company. Your information is protected because unified communication services are stored in a secure cloud-based management system.
● Upgrade Your Customer Service
Your company and team can make and take calls from anywhere with hosted telephony; this cloud-based telecommunications service provides 24/7 customer service

Unified Communications as a Service is revolutionizing business communication. By integrating tools like telephony, video conferencing, instant messaging, and more onto a single user-friendly platform, UCaaS enables seamless collaboration and connectivity across devices and locations. This cloud-based solution offers enterprises enhanced productivity, flexibility, disaster recovery, and security while reducing costs. As remote and hybrid work environments become more prevalent, UCaaS will only continue to provide value through streamlined teamwork and better customer experiences. Partnering with the right provider can help you unlock the full potential of UCaaS to empower your business.

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