Three DOCUmation Families Shine as Recipients of CDA Scholarships

Three DOCUmation Families Shine as Recipients of CDA Scholarships

In the spirit of community and education, DOCUmation is thrilled to announce that three of our dedicated employees’ families have been chosen as recipients of the 2023-2024 Copier Dealers Association (CDA) scholarships. These scholarships represent a commitment to academic excellence and serve as a testament to the strong bonds that tie our DOCUmation family together.

The Copier Dealers Association: A Beacon of Business Wisdom

The CDA is a prestigious organization composed of 80 successful business owners hailing from the United States, Canada, and Europe. These entrepreneurs come together to share their wealth of business knowledge and strategies, creating a platform for mutual growth and improvement.

CDA Scholarship Foundation: Nurturing the Future

Founded in 2005, the CDA Scholarship Foundation has been instrumental in shaping the educational dreams of deserving students, particularly those connected to CDA members. This foundation opens its doors to the children of member employees, aiming to award scholarship grants that genuinely make a difference in their academic pursuits.

Meet the Recipients: Shining Stars in the Making

Now, let’s introduce you to the remarkable recipients who have earned the 2023-2024 CDA scholarships.

Maria G. Valadez

  • University: The University of Texas at San Antonio
  • Year: Junior
  • Major: Kinesiology
  • Parent: Nancy Valadez, DOCUmation – San Antonio

Maria G. Valadez’s dedication to her studies and her aspiration to excel in the field of Kinesiology have earned her a place among the CDA scholarship recipients. Additionally, Maria successfully manages a full-time job while pursuing her degree. We at DOCUmation are incredibly proud of her achievements and are excited to see her educational journey continue to flourish.

Jonah McDaniel

  • University: LeTourneau University
  • Year: Freshman
  • Major: Business Management
  • Parent: Ryan & Jeanie McDaniel – DOCUmation – Dallas-Fort Worth

Jonah McDaniel is another bright star in the DOCUmation family who has earned a CDA scholarship. As a freshman majoring in Business Management at LeTourneau University, Jonah’s commitment to his education and passion for business shines through. We look forward to watching his future successes unfold.

Christina A. Gonzalez

  • University: University of Texas at Arlington
  • Major: Sociology and Business Management
  • Parents: Cordelia & Richard Gonzalez. DOCUmation – San Antonio

Christina A. Gonzalez is pursuing her dreams in Business Management at the University of Texas at Arlington. Her dedication to her studies and aspirations in the business world have earned her recognition as a CDA scholarship recipient.

A Legacy of Excellence

As we celebrate the achievements of Maria Grace Valadez, Jonah McDaniel, and Christina A. Gonzalez, we also celebrate the strength of the DOCUmation family and the support we provide to one another in achieving our dreams. We wish our scholarship recipients all the best in their academic journeys and future careers. Together, we continue to shine as a beacon of excellence and opportunity in the world of business and education.