The Advantages of Document Management Solutions for Distribution and Supply Chain


Operational efficiency in the warehouse is critical for growing businesses. This is especially true with today’s logistical challenges. One disruption in the supply chain could potentially derail your business. This is why automation and cloud technologies are so critical for modern businesses.

One such critical technology is document management. While logistic software can make a huge difference when it comes to tracking and managing products, it can sometimes fall short of being the fully integrated solution needed.

Logistic and distribution companies can benefit from a singular integrated flow of information that connects disparate business units into a unified whole. Document management solutions are designed to do just that.

8 Ways Document Management Boosts Operational Efficiency in the Warehouse

With the right document management solution, businesses can benefit in several ways, including:

1. Reduced Costs

Reducing the costs of distribution is exceptionally challenging when unforeseen factors and price fluctuations can dramatically impact costs. This is where document management can help. It helps streamline workflows, and improving efficiency always saves money in the long run.

2. Better Access to Documents

Nothing holds up a supply chain than missing information and misplaced documents. With document management solutions, all documents are tracked and monitored. Search functionality enables the easy finding of documents and records. User access control can ensure that only the right people see certain documents.

3. More Accurate Data

A disparate collection of records and information can be challenging to collate and understand. For better analytics and thus improved business intelligence, document management solutions can be a huge help. With custom dashboards and other powerful BI tools, document management systems can help supercharge your executive decision-making.

4. More Efficient Collaboration

With cloud access, version control, and other tools, document management solutions can make collaborating with colleagues and cross-functional teams much easier. Collaboration tools can also improve the process of working with vendors by streamlining contract negotiations. Need to adjust a portion of the contract? It’s a lot easier with document management.

5. Gaining the Competitive Edge

With the tough competition out there, having a unique business model can provide a crucial competitive edge. Document management solutions enable innovation through seamless communication and data sharing. From product design to manufacturing, document management can help track progress, enable collaboration, and speed up workflows.

6. Supports All Devices

More and more, employees are getting work done on the go instead of being strapped to a desk all day. For this reason, it is important for business documents to be accessible from mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. With secure cloud access, document management solutions can provide this cross-device functionality.

Accessibility also includes devices that are running different operating systems. If your company is running on Windows and your supplier is running on Apple software, you can use document management to collaborate without having to worry about operation system incompatibilities.

7. Always Compliant

Regulatory compliance can be hard to keep up with, especially with constantly changing state and federal laws. A document management solution provided by a qualified vendor takes care of all those pesky regulations for you, so your staff can focus on their duties.

Document management solutions can also improve security – which is critical for regulatory compliance. Only authorized personnel can be allowed to see certain documents and data. Cloud services can be protected from cyberattacks and intrusions.

8. More Efficient Processes and Productivity

Improving operational efficiency in the warehouse is crucial on so many levels. Let’s say a problem with a vendor causes a glitch in your supply chain. Maybe the supplier is behind on their order of widgets that are needed for your product.

First, with document management, you might be able to get ahead of the problem before it becomes an urgent crisis. Second, using document management, searching for viable alternatives – which may include contracting with a new vendor – will be that much faster and easier.

Document Management Improves Supply Chain Operations

Modern supply chain management needs to happen quickly and efficiently if you want your business to remain competitive. Fortunately, a document management solution is a cost-effective way to improve logistics, distribution, and warehouse operations. From better collaboration to improved cybersecurity, document management systems can help your business grow.

DOCUmation is a leading document management solutions provider serving small, medium, and large businesses. For more information on the best document management solution for your business, contact us today.



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