Managed Onsite

DOCUmation offers onsite services that enhance our technology recommendations by having skilled technicians available onsite for recurring and temporary needs. We can handle your document output management, office support, records management, print shop, and mail center processes in an efficient, cost-effective way.


Let Your Employees Focus on Adding Value

For less than what it would cost you to onboard new temporary employees, we can send our own highly qualified staff to take care of your task overflows and routine services. This lets you compensate for vacations, sick leave, and peak periods with ease – bringing peace of mind to executives faced with staff shortages.

Whether you need us to provide on-site reception staff or you need to make use of our on-site print shop capabilities, we are ready to help your business thrive through peak periods and staff shortages. This way, your staff can focus on what they do best.


DOCUmation is ready to help your organization find the ideal hardware combination for meeting your customers’ needs while generating value in document-oriented processes. Partner with us and earn value with every page you print.

DOCUmation drives printing office efficiency by conducting a comprehensive, non-intrusive technology assessment at no cost. This evaluation forms the basis of our hardware recommendations, ensuring that our team selects products that you truly need. Our process presents numerous benefits to customers:

Have DOCUmation support back-office processes, document output management, and mail center management for your business.