Today’s business world is full of challenges and contains a large number of IT functions such as hardware maintenance, privacy, and security. While this might not be an issue for large corporations with enough capital, managing IT services for small businesses is tricky. It is this issue that has led to the rise of Managed IT Service Providers like DOCUmation.
We offer IT support and managed services to various organizations which can range from network security, monitoring, or even overseeing your whole IT department. A managed IT service provider like us can assume the roles of CIO and work on utilizing the best and efficient methods to achieve your goals. Our familiarity with the market puts us on top of things as we strive to increase productivity, security, and online support.


At DOCUmation, we believe every business needs a streamlined IT platform that improves the chance of productivity. That’s why we offer services that are specifically suited to businesses and are properly structured for a lasting IT solution setting up your business to success.
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Reliable IT solutions for your business. Efficiency is our second name!

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On-demand compliance with industry standards.

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Enhanced cybersecurity, with dedicated resources for updating and maintaining strict security policies.

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Easier access to trendy technologies and on-demand access to personalized talent.

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We provide manageable IT costs with easy-to-use invoices on cloud computing, remote monitoring, or any business functions.


Help Your Small To Medium Sized Businesses Grow

IT functions can take a lot of space, especially for small businesses that need to expand and reach their full potential. Our managed services in Texas ensure that you don’t need any extra staff to do your IT jobs. To do this we provide services like endpoint security, remote management and monitoring, and many others.
Our IT team of experts will help you work on your MSP structure to add more client satisfaction, increase revenue, and get new clients. DOCUmation is an IT service company offering subscription-based managed services with a single platform for all IT administrative needs. Our IT desk solutions include handling day-to-day tasks, complex projects, IT systems support, network monitoring, technical support, and other strategic initiatives.


Help Your Small To Medium Sized Businesses Grow

Our top priority is making sure all our clients are happy. DOCUmation offers reliable and unique IT solutions that help increase customer support and satisfaction. When you hire us, our experts simplify the whole IT process and harness every managed service in a single platform. We understand that there are many managed service providers around Texas, but DOCUmation has a unique approach to local businesses since we are based in Texas as well. We help Texas businesses with managed services and IT solutions at the entry level and provide quick responses to emergencies such as server failure or instances when the router is down.


DOCUmation believes that every business is entitled to transparency and all service costs should be known prior to hiring. With a dedicated team and over-the-top infrastructure, DOCUmation believes in a flat-rate policy. We do not ask for pre-charge as all planning and price charges will be set once you book an appointment or call us. As a partner, you will team up with a professional team with the will to make your investment a worthwhile decision.
We have trusted brands who have worked with us over the years.

We use the trustworthy technology to boost your business

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We understand the hassle of managing IT functions in an already busy environment. That is why our managed services fit all kinds of businesses in Texas. Companies should consider managed services providers like us because:
  • Better efficiency and productivity: A simple network upgrade can turn things around and help employees save on time and serve clients faster. 
  • Straightforward process: IT is not always meant to be rocket science. Our team ensures the software used is easy to navigate and operate. We also train employees in case they need to improve customer relations, organize data, etc. 
  • Robust protection: Data is very important and an indispensable asset in any business. Our business security solution is designed to protect and connect your business. We’ll install cameras, add firewalls, encryptions, and actively manage your It platform from cybersecurity threats. 
  • Quality customer service: In this digital world, customers and potential clients spend a few minutes on a website before losing attention. To retain customers, a well-managed IT structure can help provide a better customer experience and support services. Luckily, DOCUmation’s managed services do exactly that!


An MSP or Managed Services Provider is an IT company separate from your business that provides IT services for your company. An IT third-party contractor will do several functions which include IT data backup, remote support, cloud services, DOCUmation is one such IT service provider in Texas.

Your technology should provide a secure foundation that keeps your business functioning efficiently and scales to your needs as your business grows.

DOCUmation provides managed IT services that cater to your company’s specific needs and scales alongside you.

We offer a partnership for many services to include managing your servers, backup policies, networks, security posturing, printers, end user computers and so much more. Lose the headaches of finding a technologically savvy staff member that you also have to manage and train. We take the burdens off of your shoulders with our team of experts, so you can focus on your business. For a flat monthly fee with no hidden fees, we provide peace of mind, so you can get back to growing your business.

It is completely okay. If your company has already hired an IT manager and you feel like there’s a ton of work that needs to get done, DOCUmation offers co-Managed services. We’ll work alongside your IT manager and come up with solutions and business goals that last. Our team has quite experienced in handling even the most critical IT functions. 

We’ve got you covered. In case you need emergency IT help, our Texas offices have IT Engineers working round the clock to serve you. In case you’re in such a situation, you can always contact us or reach out on our official support line.

Most people think that a managed service provider is meant for big companies and large corporations, but that might not be the truth. At DOCUmation, we offer IT service management to any business such as hardware and software vendors, so no matter the size of your business, we’ll sit down and come up with an effective IT management solution. So, don’t think we can’t help your business, just give us a call today. 


IT functions can take a lot of space, especially for small businesses that need to expand and reach their full potential. Our managed services in Texas ensure that you don’t need any extra staff to do your IT jobs. To do this we provide services like endpoint security, remote management and monitoring, and many others.


DOCUmation is ready to help your organization find the ideal hardware combination for meeting your customers’ needs while generating value in document-oriented processes. Partner with us and earn value with every page you print.
DOCUmation drives printing office efficiency by conducting a comprehensive, non-intrusive technology assessment at no cost. This evaluation forms the basis of our hardware recommendations, ensuring that our team selects products that you truly need. Our process presents numerous benefits to customers:
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Our one-of-a-kind strategy allows customers to choose between multiple technology paths, ensuring flexibility during selection, deployment, operation, and maintenance.
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Our master technicians ensure quick resolution of technical problems on-site. Our first-call resolution rate stands at an impressive 96%. This means we get it right the first time.
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Entrusting your print and imaging needs to our team frees up your own IT team to focus on meeting higher-impact strategic needs. Our team manages your imaging equipment so that you don’t have to.
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Instead of having to pay multiple invoices every month, verifying and cross-checking between different vendors, our customers enjoy the benefits of our simplified billing process.
DOCUmation offers flat-rate managed IT services for businesses of all sizes.