What is Managed IT and what does Documation offer?

Managed IT services is a cost-effective IT solution that minimizes network downtime and frees your personnel from maintenance, support, and configuration to focus on your strategic objectives. In the last decade, managed services have had unprecedented growth, particularly within the IT industry. At DOCUmation, managed services include the management of technologies such as core network, unified communications, network monitoring, data security, and data backup. Core IT maintenance responsibilities like software updates, installing software, installation updates, and building a data recovery plan are all services rolled into one consistent monthly plan.


Fast, Professional Help Desk Service

DOCUmation’s knowledgeable help desk handles even the most complex situation quickly and professionally. Remote access enables our technicians to solve remediate issues quickly – while our on-site engineers can be deployed quickly to address any on-site needs. Our help desk is 7 to 7 on weekdays as well as on-call for emergency assistance. 24/7 remote monitoring and proactive protection of your network, personal information, and end-user devices ensure that many of your updates and configurations will happen behind the scenes during off-hours to keep your teams as efficient as possible. Our service team holds a 95 Net Promoter Score which proves that we are the premier IT provider in Texas.

World Class Technology at a Flat Rate

With flat-rate managed IT services, utilizing the newest and most effective technology is no longer cost-prohibitive. With a dedicated team taking care of technology implementation, your business can run on top-tier infrastructure to improve efficiency and your bottom line. Our team performs a complimentary assessment of your current IT environment, provides strategic recommendations and a plan for hardware and service through a consistent monthly operational plan. There are no hidden fees and we do not pre-charge you for an allotment of service hours. Our goal is to partner alongside you with a plan that will be a valuable investment in your business.

Our partners include some of the most respected names in the tech industry:


Managing an in-house network often leads to vulnerabilities that go unnoticed until it’s too late. With ransomware and data breaches on the rise, the time to protect your business and customer data from exposure is now.

Partnering with DOCUmation ensures that even the newest and most sophisticated threats are mitigated. Your data is safe from zero-day vulnerabilities and your employees’ inboxes are safe from phishing scam attempts.

The average cost of a data breach in 2020 is $3.85 million. Your security plan is more crucial than ever. See what our clients at Worth & Associates had to say about their partnership with DOCUmation by clicking here.


DOCUmation is ready to help your organization find the ideal hardware and software suites to maximize your business efficiencies while generating value through document-oriented processes. Partner with us and earn value with every page you print.

DOCUmation drives printing office efficiency by conducting a comprehensive, non-intrusive technology assessment at no cost. This evaluation forms the basis of our hardware recommendations, ensuring that our team selects products that you truly need. Our process presents numerous benefits to customers:

DOCUmation offers flat-rate managed IT services for businesses of all sizes.


Frequently Asked Questions

Owning and operating a small to medium-sized business presents unique and unpredictable challenges. Especially in the days of fighting a world pandemic, small and medium-sized businesses have to be nimble and quick decision-makers. As the owner and/or the operating manager, you already wear many hats to keep your business functioning under evolving day-to-day operations and possibly tight budget constraints. Your technology should not be the last on your priority list. It is vital that your data is kept secure and compliant with GDPR and PCI regulations.

Your technology should provide a secure foundation that keeps your business functioning efficiently and scales to your needs as your business grows.

DOCUmation provides managed IT services that cater to your company’s specific needs and scales alongside you.

We offer a partnership for many services to include managing your servers, backup policies, networks, security posturing, printers, end user computers and so much more. Lose the headaches of finding a technologically savvy staff member that you also have to manage and train. We take the burdens off of your shoulders with our team of experts, so you can focus on your business. For a flat monthly fee with no hidden fees, we provide peace of mind, so you can get back to growing your business.

If you’re working for a company with 100+ employees, chances are you have your own internal IT Technician or team behind the scenes to protect your company’s data. Your IT department’s biggest challenge can and will be the workload. Small mistakes can lead to big problems, so it is important to off-load the minor day-to-day tasks so that your IT department can focus on more complex issues.


DOCUmation can partner with your internal team to provide end-user help desk and desktop support that is fast and efficient. Our goal is to feel unified with your IT department, so your employees feel the synchrony. Our engineers are local, right here in Texas, so you can rest assured that responsiveness is a top priority.


We know that large and enterprise-level businesses are growing in their susceptibility to ransomware and cyberattacks. Partnering with DOCUmation ensures the protection of your sensitive data through services including but not limited to managing emails, server migrations, providing infrastructure support, managing security threats, and designing business continuity plans. Our service team can also assist with technology projects of any capacity and specializes in consulting to help you achieve your business objectives and outcomes.