How Managed Print Services Can Escalate Fitness Marketing Strategies


The International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association (IHRSA) notes that the health and fitness industry in the United States is booming at $30 billion per year, with 4% annual growth from year to year.

And that growth is scheduled to accelerate as more people flock to the gym or fitness center. In fact, 20% of Americans are currently members of some type of fitness club, with that number continuing to increase annually.

Health insurance costs, fitness wearables, and other new fitness technologies are all contributing to the trend, and fitness centers are springing up to meet market demand. In 2017, there were over 38,000 gyms and fitness centers in the United States, and that number is on the increase.

With this kind of market density, fitness centers and gyms must deploy hard-hitting marketing strategies to stay abreast of competitors, while staying within an often-strained budget.

That’s where managed print services can help.

How to Develop Strong Fitness Marketing Strategies Using Managed Print Services

Owners of fitness centers contemplate three choices when it comes to driving revenue. They focus either on recruiting new members, concentrate on keeping the members they have — or do both.

Whichever choice is made, fitness center owners need striking marketing materials to elevate their club above local — and perhaps even national — competitors to stay in the game.

And, banking on digital marketing isn’t always a winning strategy. If the local area has several gyms and fitness centers, then getting to the top of local search results could be practically impossible.

That’s why more fitness centers are using the power of high-quality printed materials to increase the effectiveness of their strategies. Direct mailers, business cards, class invitations, and brochures are just a few of the ways that fitness centers can impress future — and current — members with their branding message.

Here are a few ways managed print services can enhance the effectiveness of your marketing strategies if you work within the fitness industry.

  1. Providing High-Quality Materials at Lower Costs

Managed print services make it more affordable for fitness center owners to leverage the considerable benefits of print marketing without straining their budgets or having to rely on poorly produced, DIY-type flimsy materials.

Using the professional printing capacity of print partners, fitness centers can economically produce stunning full-color posters and brochures to raise community awareness, postcards, and flyers to introduce offerings to potential customers and business cards to encourage clients to join the marketing team by spreading the word.

  1. Allowing for Scalability

As any gym or fitness center owner knows, membership attendance tends to fluctuate — both throughout the seasons and from year-to-year. When the customer count is down, printing needs may be greater..

Either way, being able to scale up (or down) printing at a moment’s notice without significant budget impacts allows fitness centers to market effectively to get membership back up with fewer worries.

  1. Providing Day-to-Day Printing Support

Fitness centers have day-to-day printing tasks that indirectly affect marketing by improving the member experience. The printing — and accessing — of contracts and liability forms, printing of important policy change notices, and even distribution of informative newsletters can all be solid ways to keep members happy — and renewing their contracts.

Finally, a managed print partner ensures that printers are properly updated and maintained, minimizing downtime that can disrupt business. Plus, this service removes the need for in-house IT support, further relieving pressure on small budgets.

DOCUmation Managed IT Solutions for Fitness Centers

For almost thirty years, DOCUmation has served customers by providing expert services and business productivity solutions.

For fitness centers and gyms that are looking to increase market saturation through the use of cutting-edge print media strategies or increase positive member experience, DOCUmation is a full-service solution partner that can assess and analyze the scope of fitness center needs, customize network infrastructure within budget, and provide on-the-spot troubleshooting and scalability for the fitness industry.

DOCUmation’s managed print services can help fitness centers reduce staff and member frustration while enabling the professional production of stunning marketing materials that drive revenue.

For more information on the latest software and hardware solutions, connect with one of DOCUmation’s consultants today.



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