How Managed Print Services Can Benefit Your Law Firm


Every law firm or practice relies heavily on paper documents and hard copies while they conduct their daily business activities. Due to the nature of the legal profession, documents provide the best means to contextualize and formalize opinions, filings, motions, and agreements. Within this document-intensive environment, researchers estimate that firms spend around 3% of their revenues on printing and copying related expenses every year.

The larger the law firm printing needs are, the higher the costs will be and regaining control over the equipment and supplies can significantly reduce the amount of wasteful expenditure. Not only does legacy multifunction devices consume more ink and toner, but they also use more power and can become prone to regular breakdowns. If the firm needs to upgrade their copiers or printers, this usually happens on an ad-hoc basis that leads to mismatched equipment and processes for different departments in the practice.

Regaining Control of Printing Costs with Managed Print Services

Managed Print Services (MPS) provides an opportunity for firms to reestablish control over their print operations and reduce the total costs associated with document production and duplication. As every firm also handles sensitive information, there are many additional benefits beyond simple cost savings when partnering with an MPS solution provider.

Reduced Costs and Consistent Budgets

The primary benefit of using a MPS instead of managing the firm’s fleet of printers and copiers is improved device efficiency. Modern Multifunction printers deliver more prints and copies while using fewer supplies and electricity for every print. With an MPS company, the firm can upgrade the equipment without needing to pay upfront for every device. As the service comes at a single monthly cost, the practice can establish a consistent budget and ensure malfunctioning devices do not incur extra expenditures to replace the equipment once they fail. The service provider will also conduct preventative maintenance and regular services on the equipment to ensure the maximum uptime of the equipment and reduce any bottlenecks that may arise from legacy devices.

Improved Information Security

Firms handle many sensitive documents on a daily basis. These could relate to Personal Medical Information (PMI) subject to legislation such as the HIPAA act, or other financial related documents that fall in the purview of the Sarbanes-Oxley act. Any uncontrolled disclosures or data breaches can put firms at risk of contravening legislation and, therefore, incur additional liabilities. A MPS provider will ensure that printers and copiers remain secured and enforce security policies throughout the fleet of devices.

Solutions such as pull-to-print and onboard encryption can reduce the risks of unauthorized disclosures of information. Pull-to-print requires the user to release prints at the device using a pin code or by scanning an access card. Onboard encryption means even if a bad actor compromised the device with malicious software, the information remains protected during transmission and storage in the printer’s queue. Multifunction Devices have become a regular target for exploits due to the lowered security features available on older equipment. These efforts to secure the entire printing fleet will reduce the risk and exposure of the law firm to cyberattacks.

Greater Control over Every Print

Along with the greater device efficiency and improved information security, an MPS will track all print jobs across every piece of equipment. With greater oversight of the volumes printed by device and user, firms can track wasteful prints and establish additional controls to reduce these activities. A print server can also create limits for users or devices, allowing the law firm printing operations to control their consumption of both paper and supplies.

As the MPS company monitors all the devices in the fleet, they will ship supplies before they run out and prevent any delays due to an understocked printer or copier. With the right policies in place, firms can also improve their customer billing process. As many of the printing costs are billable to the firm’s clients, keeping track of every print job with an accurate reporting system will ensure the practice doesn’t under bill for the number of prints they required. On the other hand, the MPS reporting system will allow the client to be at ease knowing that they will not be over charged for prints they made.

Leveraging MPS with Software Solutions to Streamline Processes with DOCUmation

Practices can leverage document management solutions that integrate with the devices to reduce the costs associated with printing and copying in law firms even further. With advanced proofing tools, resources can review documents digitally and require fewer hard copy documents. Higher productivity and efficiencies are available by adopting automated workflows that speed up approvals.

With DOCUmation, every firm can streamline all document-related processes by using the latest digital technologies. DOCUmation has delivered expert services to businesses seeking greater efficiencies for almost thirty years. As a solution partner, DOCUmation can reduce waste with Managed Print Services, improve productivity with Managed Software, and secure all information with Managed IT solutions.

For firms that need to upgrade their print fleets and take advantage of Managed Print Services, now is the time to get in touch with DOCUmation’s team of experts.



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