Four Ways You Can Grow Your Efficiency With Managed Onsite Services


Companies heavily rely on IT management services as per today’s technological demands. But most use remote management from service providers who are located miles away. 


Take an instance where you can’t send emails, open the company’s communications board, or even attend a zoom meeting because of a malfunction in one of the network computers. Instead, you have to wait until they wake up since you subscribed to a managed IT service in another country. 


Imagine such a convenience during normal business hours. Is it worth losing all the time and money? 


That’s where onsite IT support comes in! 


While remote services are a great choice, having a technician at your doorstep plays a vital role in solving situations promptly. IT management onsite is even more crucial when a company relies on complex equipment to run effectively. 


Onsite IT management has quite many benefits that enable your company to run smoothly and efficiently. Let’s look at these benefits and how DOCUmation can help you manage your IT services onsite. 


Perks Of Onsite IT Support


Quick Resolution of IT Problems


Businesses partnered with managed IT services are more worried about downtime when an issue occurs. Therefore, such issues must be fixed as soon as possible to avoid profit compromisation. 


Depending on the onsite IT management service, you can rest assured that the onsite team will be at your disposal in less than 24 hours. 


Having an onsite IT management service assures you that you’re dealing with a professional whom you can rely on. 


Onsite IT staff have hands-on experience, and chances are they have already encountered your issues and solved them several times. Also, they can bring multiple technicians to help solve the IT problem fast. 


Manage Costs


Another benefit of onsite IT management is the huge amounts a company can save. For instance, travel expenses alone cover most of the costs of off-site IT providers or your staff when an emergency occurs. 


Also, most onsite companies will charge per service in a pay-as-you-go option. This means that you only pay for a solution once it is provided to you. 


Reducing these costs means you have extra money to use on core business functions and avoid monthly expenses for underutilized services. 


Understand What Is Happening


Let’s face it; when you have a remote team, you barely know what they’re doing to keep your business operational. Having someone onsite means you will see if a server fails or when you need a hardware replacement. 


It is also easier to monitor onsite IT staff and makes sure they are following proper IT policies. You can easily notice little hidden costs when you have the technician around, which could be exaggerated in off-site IT services invoices. 


You Get To Know Each Other


While communication is important in onsite managed IT services, the client must understand how your organization works. Particularly in small businesses, having that one-on-one relationship helps streamline business operations. 


Onsite services offer the kind of relationship you’d require from vendors and other partners. As they work to maintain your company, they get to understand little nuances about your company and staff. 


It allows them to know how to approach issues and communicate to the business owner or staff members depending on the issues. In off-site IT solutions, you may not even know who you’re talking to at any moment, and the chances of them knowing details on how your business operates are extremely slim. 


How Can DOCUmation Help?


With plenty of options available, it can be dizzying to choose the best onsite IT management solution. AT DOCUmation, we offer a wide range of onsite services, including:


Office Support


We have comprehensive office support for both small and medium businesses. 


For startups or businesses just setting up an office, we will discuss the best accessories and software platforms suited for you. 


For businesses that are already running, we offer consultation on optimizing personnel, equipment, and any other resource using technology. Plus, our office support systems cover staff skill upgrading, backup solutions, and everything in between. 


Records management


As your business grows, so do your records and paperwork needed for compliance, regulations, policies, etc. Protecting such records is essential to critical business operations. But keeping up with all these documentations can be tricky, which is why we offer records management at DOCUmation. 


We will ensure all information is carefully organized in a specific record management warehouse in your office. These solutions will ensure you are compliant with record-keeping and also reduce labor requirements for such tasks. 


Print Shop


Most companies consider print costs as miscellaneous, but they often spend a lot of money on printing. ON average, a company spends 1 to 3 percent of its revenue on printing costs. 


At DOCUmation, we aim to reduce such costs by offering onsite print shop services. We’ll track all the costs related to printing and find efficient ways to reduce them. In addition, our staff will discuss the best printers to increase efficiency in your company and reduce any hidden costs. 


Mail Center Management


You don’t have to hire extra staff or form a department to handle the routing and distribution of mail. We will help your company handle all mail center management operations and provide a centralized solution. 


Choose DOCUmaton: A Reliable Onsite IT Service Provider 


If you are struggling with in-house activities related to IT, then it might be time to consider onsite IT-managed solutions. Perhaps, a certain department is understaffed, or staff members overworked, an onsite managed IT service provider is what you need.


The technicians at DOCUmation can assist your company by bringing top maintenance practices and complete security of your infrastructure. At the same time, you’ll be paying much less than what you’d spend on hiring more staff, renting out extra office space, or even paying for hidden costs. 


Contact DOCUmation today, and partner with us for onsite managed IT solutions for your business. We are available by phone or email. 



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