Enhance Resident Experience with Managed IT Services for Retirement Communities


More than 47 million seniors aged 65 or older currently live in the U.S. That number is projected to double to nearly 100 million by 2060, when older Americans will make up nearly 23% of the total population.

As our population ages, more seniors look to moving into residences with accessibility features, such as those offered in retirement communities and continued-care facilities. In fact, of those individuals considering a move, 25% in their 50s and 33% of people in their 70s are looking for accessible living arrangements.

However, no matter the reason for moving, facilities that specialize in retirement-aged residents such as nursing homes, assisted-living or memory-care facilities, as well as retirement communities can provide better care — and a better resident experience — with the help of managed IT services.

Managed IT Services for Retirement Communities Can Support Community Living

Managed IT services for retirement communities provide an array of unique benefits that target the specific challenges, requirements, and goals of serving an aging demographic.

The most common advantages are those that focus on improving the resident experience and making it easier for staff to handle critical day-to-day tasks and services.

  1. Freeing Up Caregivers by Outsourcing Tech Tasks

Caregivers and other staff that help make life easy for retirement community residents have a difficult job to do, with many tasks to accomplish daily. Unfortunately, when budgets are constrained, professional staff are often expected to jump in and assist where needed.

Now that more technology is being used throughout these communities, this often means staff are called upon to troubleshoot network, software, and hardware issues that can interfere with smooth daily operations, as many communities lack a dedicated IT department.

Managed IT services provides expert maintenance and troubleshooting of on-premises equipment so community staff can focus on tasks associated with resident life.

  1. Providing Targeted Technology

Managed IT services can provide the kind of customized technology that is specific to retirement communities. This can include networks, hardware, and software in support of:

  • Computer systems
  • Nurse call systems
  • Phone systems
  • Security cameras

This support can be as in-depth as necessary to allow the community to function as desired and is easily scalable to allow for community growth.

  1. Data Protection and Sharing

Retirement communities, assisted living centers, and other senior residences often deal with sensitive personal data such as medical records as they assist their residents with health-related issues. To provide the highest level of continuing care, this data must be backed up appropriately to protect it from loss or theft.

Managed IT services not only provide secure, automated backups with redundancy for extra protection, but such services also allow for easily accessible Cloud-based storage that allows caregivers to access data from any secure location.

This ease of access not only means seamless care for residents, but less staff frustration.

  1. Compliance with Federal and State Regulations

Any institution that deals with health records must be compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and, depending on the state in which the community is located, other compliance requirements may have to be met.

Managed IT experts can provide risk assessment protocols and ensure that all data is appropriately secured within compliance parameters to give community directors exceptional peace of mind.

DOCUmation Managed IT Solutions for Retirement Communities

For almost thirty years, DOCUmation has served customers by providing expert services and business productivity solutions.

For retirement communities that are looking to streamline operations, increase efficiency, and heighten experiences for both staff and residents, DOCUmation can help. As a full-service solution partner, DOCUmation can assess and analyze the communities’ scope of needs; provide customized network infrastructure; and complete ongoing maintenance, security, and compliance tasks.

DOCUmation’s managed IT services can help retirement communities and other senior living centers create a truly exceptional experience for residents that contributes to profitability and enhances center reputation.

For more information on the latest software and hardware solutions, connect with one of DOCUmation’s consultants today.



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