Employee Highlight: Sergio A. Chapa


Sergio A. Chapa, Production Shop Supervisor, gives us insight on exceptional customer service and technical support.

Sergio A. Chapa has been a part of the DOCUmation family since 2001. For almost 20 years, Sergio has created a culture within our Service Team that keeps exceptional customer service as a top priority. For Sergio, having a positive attitude is the core value that is the cornerstone to his every day.

Sergio says, “When you demonstrate a positive attitude, you ensure a positive outcome.” His belief as a leader is that you have the ability to spread positivity to the people around you, and it gives others hope and inspires them to be exceptional at their jobs.

Our Production Shop Supervisor gave us some insight on a typical day in the office for him. Sergio stated in excitement; “I love coming into work in the mornings. I make sure to greet anyone I see and get right to work. I am in constant communication with our Logistics Team to verify machines are setup and ready for their scheduled delivery date. I manage communication between Sales Reps, Service Techs, and Customers. Many customers still have my personal number from when I was a Service Technician, and they’ll call me for technical support or to follow-up on a service call. I love being able to troubleshoot for our people and get them back to working efficiently.”

Sergio spends a substantial part of his day working with the Sales Team to prepare comparability of equipment as well as strategize production and network plans for future customers. “The one thing I want our future Customers to know about DOCUmation, is the dedication we give our Customers from day one. We are the experts in technology solutions, so we make sure the Customer has a strategic plan that fits their needs even before we sign an agreement. It is immensely important to us to set them up with an effective plan that also helps their business grow.”

Working on the fly is nothing new for Sergio and he has many stories to share from the past 20 years of servicing Customers. He noted a time when he went to enjoy a UTSA Roadrunner Football game with his wife. Upon arrival, he was greeted by another DOCUmation team member with urgency and panic. The game was about to start, and the internal staff had a copier located in the press box that was inoperable. Sergio, being at the right place at the right time, was able to troubleshoot and get the copier back into the game. These are moments that are the most rewarding for Sergio. Being able to work at a moment’s notice and keep his customers moving is what keeps Sergio purpose driven.


Sergio A. Chapa was born in Piedras Negras, Coahuila, Mexico. He has been a resident of San Antonio since 1985 with short stints in Austin and Tampa. Sergio received a Bachelor of Science in Electronics Engineering from ITT Tech. Sergio and his wife, Jessica, have built a strong foundation for their family here in San Antonio having been married for 14 years. They have two boys, Samuel (8) and Sergio (9) and a daughter, Samantha (12) who attend Holy Cross Catholic School. Sergio enjoys coaching his sons in basketball and baseball through the Catholic Youth Organization (CYO) Sports League. He also enjoys taking evening walks with his wife and riding bikes with his daughter.



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