DOCUmation Empowers Athletics and Education: $10,000 Scholarship Donation to Blackbird Golf

At DOCUmation, we believe in more than just providing cutting-edge business solutions. We are committed to making a real and lasting impact on the communities we serve. That’s why we are incredibly proud to be the presenting sponsor for the Blackbird Golf Scholarship Invitational to champion diversity, inclusivity, and equal opportunities in education. DOCUmation participated in the 5th annual Blackbird Golf tournament which raised over $30k for incoming college students.

About Blackbird Golf

Blackbird Golf has partnered with the Cameron Champ Foundation, a nonprofit charity that is committed to unlocking potential and transforming the lives of youth from underserved and underrepresented communities. Black Bird Golf is under the dedicated leadership of one of DOCUmation’s San Antonio sales representatives, Demonte Alexander.  

Blackbird Golf empowers incoming college students by offering a unique scholarship opportunity. The scholarship is renewable, providing support for up to four years of a student’s college journey. This ongoing financial assistance relieves students of the burden of financial stress, allowing them to focus on their education and pursue their dreams and aspirations with confidence.

The Blackbird Golf Scholarship 

The Blackbird Golf Scholarship Invitational is an event about backing the Blackbird Golf Cameron Champ Foundation Scholarship Fund. This scholarship is a game-changer for high school seniors who’ve scored a college acceptance. It’s like a helping hand that makes college accessible for seniors.

DOCUmation: Championing Dreams

Our $10,000 donation to the Blackbird Golf Scholarship Fund reflects our unwavering commitment to breaking down barriers and nurturing inclusivity in education. We believe in supporting students’ dreams and sending a resounding message about ensuring equal educational opportunities for all. 

A Step Toward a Brighter Future

“As the presenting sponsor, we at DOCUmation are thrilled to witness the Black Bird Golf Scholarhip’s growth and success,” said Robby Brown, Vice President of DOCUmation. With over $30k raised this year, future college students will have the opportunity to be granted up to $10,000! With ongoing support, more individuals receive the support to pursue a higher education.