At DOCUmation, one of our core values is Caring for Our Community. When you give back, it creates a ripple that can reach places you never thought possible. Every time we partner with an organization, we uphold a commitment that was founded back in 1990, when DOCUmation was formed: to leave our community better than when we started. Supporting our community through giving has always been important to us. DOCUmation proudly gives tens of thousands of dollars every year to nonprofits and other groups in our community, and we hope to do more. We also believe that the giving of our time and talent is just as important as the monetary gift. Our team has donated thousands of hours of community service to local nonprofits, and several are active board members.


We created DOCUcares as an extension of our desire to have a strong presence in our community and make a difference. Through DOCUcares, we give our time and our treasure to cast stones and create ripples that will be felt by families in our community for generations to come.


In addition to passionately supporting local non-profit organizations, DOCUmation started DOCUelves which provides food, clothing, and toys to children in each of San Antonio’s Independent School Districts. All items are collected and distributed by our employees throughout the metropolitan area during the Christmas holiday. Each year, we support 80 families in need of basic items that will help them have a better and more enjoyable Christmas.