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Moving to a new office should be an exciting time, not a stressful one. DOCUmation is your trusted local IT Relocation company in the Forth Worth, TX area. With our IT office move services and support, you will be assured of a smooth and worry-free move to your new location. Contact us today!

Preparing for an office move or IT relocation

Changing office locations may be necessary for the growth of your company. However, physically moving personnel, furniture and equipment to a new office can be stressful, complicated, and overwhelming. That is why many businesses in the Forth Worth, TX area turn to DOCUmation to relieve the stress of their move, entrusting us with the smooth transition of their IT infrastructure.

DOCUmation’s IT Relocation services

With our IT relocation services, we will assist you with moving the physical assets and technological infrastructure of your business, including packing up, transporting, and reinstalling your IT equipment, such as computers, telephones, and printers. We will also handle relocation of your data center if you manage a server on-premises. We will ensure your network is fully functional once the relocation is completed. 

Benefits of IT office move services 


The greatest benefit of trusting your IT relocation to us is minimizing the downtime of your business’s core functions and capabilities. An IT relocation takes a lot of internal resources and operational capacity to complete a relocation with an expedient timeline. We have the manpower and resources to ensure you a swift move.


A partnership with us for your IT relocation also reduces the logistical and operational challenges of a major IT change. We have extensive experience packaging and reassembling equipment so that your employees can immediately get back to work in the new office space. We follow industry best practices, such as consistent labeling and work order software for each IT component, to manage the logistical complexities throughout the move process.


In our experience, there is typically a flurry of IT support requests and tickets immediately following relocation. To help minimize this, we can also provide end-user support and training for your internal IT staff to ease the transition for all employees after the move date. 

Preparing for your relocation

Before moving forward, we will need some essential information that will help us plan your move. We will ask questions such as: 

If possible, try to plan and prepare for a data center migration in advance of the actual move-in date. Steps such as creating a virtual network deployment buildout and installing network rack components as soon as possible will reduce the complexity of the entire migration. 

DOCUmation offers the guidance and expertise needed to make a smooth transition for your office move and IT relocation. Contact us today to learn more about our IT office move support services and how to prepare for a hassle-free relocation.