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DOCUmation is your trusted copier financing, leasing, and rental services & provider company in Abilene, TX area. Why tie your money down to purchase a piece of equipment when you can get a better deal with us? With our services, you can scale up the productivity and sales in your organization. Let us help you expand the scope of your services and reach a broader customer base with the ideal equipment. Stop struggling to meet up with hefty price tags when you can simply take advantage of our strategic deals to acquire better technology at a reduced cost.


Make Smart Decisions for Your Business

Are you looking to acquire new equipment for your business? Do you need to upgrade the model of equipment your business uses? Do you want to make necessary upgrades on a budget? Our copier financing, leasing, and rental services might be a smart decision for you to take.  

DOCUmation is one of the leading service providers in this industry. We have highly skilled technicians that are available to proffer solutions to all your equipment problems. With years of experience up our sleeves, we can handle all challenging situations and technical difficulties. In addition, we can offer meaningful advice that can help you make better decisions. If you need quick and guaranteed solutions for your equipment, we will be there to give you our expert solutions.

Why Finance or Lease Your Copiers?

When trying to upgrade your equipment, there might be many options to consider. Here are some reasons why you should choose the option of financing or leasing your copier;

  • Better cash flow: Some equipment can be quite expensive, and acquiring them might require a lot of money. Depending on the current budget of the company, putting in a lot of money to purchase the equipment might not be the smartest option. The leasing option allows you to use the equipment at a lower overall cost.
  • Access to better technology: The downside of making a full-time purchase of equipment is that the organization can outgrow the equipment. When the equipment is leased, it is easier to make changes to a better, more efficient model. Leasing gives access to more versatile equipment.
  • Lower overall costs: Copiers are a significant investment for any company. Owning devices comes with a lot of responsibilities. Several costs and charges, from acquisition costs to the cost of maintenance and supplies, can arise. Leasing options, on the other hand, are more flexible. Some leasing options involve no acquisition cost and provide maintenance, and there might be some managed services. They also make it easier to upgrade the equipment. 

Get Flexible Copier Financing and Leasing Options

We offer you high-quality copiers at affordable prices since our payment plans are tailored to suit every budget. We are dedicated to helping your business get the most suitable equipment and technology for its growth and enhancement. Here is what we offer;

  • Competitive pricing and terms to suit your business needs.
  • Full-time support services. Our technicians have the skills and expertise required to ensure that your process is run efficiently.
  • A long-term partnership with you.

We are genuinely interested in helping you scale your business. We enjoy seeing our clients bypass financial constraints and get access to recent technologies while expanding their reach and making more impact in the world. We will give you the best copier financing, leasing, and rental services. We would like you to experience this efficiency that we offer.  

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