5 Easy Ways To Make Life Faster With Print Management. 


All businesses have some level of printing to do for their day-to-day operations. This is everything from contracts to marketing material and other in-house documents. Still, installing and maintaining a fleet of printers can be laborious, expensive, and complex. 

Thankfully, organizations can get much-needed help from managed print services. 

What Are Managed Print Services?

Managed print services are programs offered by print providers to help manage your printing devices. These include faxes, copiers, and scanners. Managed print services help companies improve productivity, efficiency, and information security. 

This is done by replacing consumables, monitoring usage, and adequately meeting an organization’s printing needs. 

While it’s true that the scope of print management services varies by the service provider, there are certain common benefits that can be realized across the board. 

Benefits of Print Management

Here are 5 top benefits of getting print management services for your business:

1. Improved Efficiency and Time Savings

The amount of time during a working day that employees might find themselves handling printing-related services does not always make business sense. In addition, the process of scanning, copying, faxing, and printing using poorly configured software or old hardware can be extremely frustrating. 

Similarly, consider the time wasted replacing ink cartridges and toners and fixing device malfunctions. 

A managed print service can anticipate or identify these issues and put contingency plans in place to help minimize wasted employee hours incurred in printing-related tasks. What this does is that it frees up your employees to focus on other strategic roles aimed at business growth as opposed to fixing day-to-day printing-related issues. 

2. Saves You Money

Regardless of the size of a business, being able to save money is a huge deal. Any cash savings can be channeled to other areas to bring in more business. 

Having a random approach to your printing services can cause inefficiencies in multiple areas. First off are maintenance costs. Maintaining individual printing gadgets one at a go is costlier than having a cloud-based, automated system for doing so at scale. 

Typically, managed print services will have all devices connected to a single monitoring system. This ensures timely delivery of replacement toners and even repairs. This system is often cheaper because it makes good use of economies of scale and allows one to purchase supplies in bulk at a discount. You can also avoid costs associated with stockpiling unused inventory. 

Another cost-benefit you get is a print audit and assessment. Having a whole bunch of printing devices at your premises costs more to maintain, takes up valuable space, and consumes more energy. A print audit can help identify ways to consolidate your devices. 

3. Improve Productivity within An Organization

The various departments in an organization will likely have their own unique printing needs. An MPS provider can carry out an initial assessment of an organization’s current and future printing needs and recommend customized programs for the different departments in your organization. 

These can include printing off-site and from mobile devices. It can also mean printing special types of document formats and sizes. 

All these can be made easy to do with a managed print service. 

An added plus from an MPS is the frequent and timely software upgrades. These give you access to cutting-edge technology soon as it’s released. The best print management services in the market also include staff training in their programs. 

This equips your employees with knowledge of new hardware and workflows, which ultimately enhances their productivity. 

4. Improves Your Information Security

Businesses today have a lot of information flowing in and out. While data has become a fundamental part of business, keeping this information safe is a matter of concern. 

It’s not uncommon for businesses to suffer data breaches from network-connected printers. A print management strategy can include secure document release (SDR) and follow-you printing. These prevent documents from sitting around in printer trays where anyone can see them. It also minimizes waste from abandoned print jobs. 

A business-wide print assessment can highlight your organization’s print and IP security risks. An MPS program can then be designed with these in mind and with ways to help mitigate the risks involved. 

Such strategies might include printer sign-in procedures to lessen instances of documents being stolen from output trays. It can also include a document management plan and waste disposal. 

Other features a MPS can have included the installation of a multifunctional printer with automated hard drive wiping and network-level solutions that reduce the chances of hackers being able to retrieve information. 

Similarly, having a single print service provider reduces the number of people accessing your networked devices by default. 

5. Cloud Integration

Printing has morphed a lot over time. But, unfortunately, not all companies have embraced the convenience of cloud-based printing. Because merging physical and digital documents can get quite challenging, a print management provider can come in quite handy. 

With a cloud-based MPS, you get;

  • Necessary software updates
  • Printing from any device within the company
  • Seamless integration of printing services and digital operations
  • Additional security measures
  • Faster and more efficient printing that can be done from anywhere

Keep In Mind…

As useful as an MPS is to any organization, some providers provide better value than others. Finding the right provider, therefore, becomes fundamental. 

The first thing to determine is a provider’s record of issue resolution. You need a company that has over time dealt with printing problems for organizations similar to yours. 

If you can find reviews from such companies, that could be the stamp of approval you need. 

The other thing is customer support. You shouldn’t be jumping through hoops to get an audience with your MPS provider. Instead, a good provider will make you a priority and be accessible and responsive. With business being what it is, you do not want to have printing issues and a non-responsive partner. It’s not only frustrating; it can cost your business money as well.

When you get the right provider, the gains to your business will be enormous. 

At DOCUmation we will be waiting to serve you.



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