A Print Management Strategy enables a company to control document output costs by outsourcing the management of the printer copy fleet and allowing the company to focus on their core responsibilities. The key is to find ways to reduce overhead costs while enhancing the productivity of personnel. A Business Technology Assessment (BTA) is the beginning of this process.

Below are common issues in document output fleets:

  • Color printing costs can range 5 to 10 times higher than black and white

  • Multiple vendors for hardware, supplies and repair = coordination and management of contracts and invoices

  • Real asset costs buried within multiple budgets

  • Printer issues take up to 50% of IT support

  • Multiple brands and models of printers require different print drivers to be loaded and separate types of toners and inks to be ordered and managed

  • Preventive maintenance may be neglected causing down time and interrupting workflow, while reducing the lifecycle of the printer

  • Stocks of toner and ink can lead to obsolescence and the subsequent costs

Up to 5% of a company’s annual revenue is consumed by document production, including labor and management.