The digital age has given businesses the ability to capture documents electronically. An EDM solution will provide immediate access to business records and create a workflow process to make any business more efficient. Today’s business environment has been made much more complicated with requirements for HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley compliance. It is imperative that your EDM solution adheres to all current regulations. The basic components of an EDM solution consist of:

Document Capture

Of either existing paper documents or electronic data such as invoices, purchase orders, check registers, emails, etc.


Indexing and storage of the documents in a suitable site and format.


The system that now enables your business to retrieve the business documents that you need to make decisions and research problems.

Knowing that every business is different, Documation will conduct a thorough analysis of your business workflow processes and then offer a customized solution for your company. Documation is constantly seeking state of the art EDM solutions and has formed relationships with leading EDM software providers and software engineering firms to insure that we have the right solution for your business.