DOCUstore – Structured Scanning

Can you easily find your scanned documents?

Convert your new or existing multifunctional printer into an Information Portal.

The Challenge

  • The growing paperless trend has created “electronic document clutter”
  • Email servers are frequently used to deliver scanned documents for archiving
  • De-centralized scanning loses valuable documents
  • Finding scanned documents is challenging

The Solution

  • Standardize file naming convention

  • Scanned documents can be sent to a centralized file
    storage server

  • DOCUstore can send an email link to a document,
    reducing email server clutter

  • DOCUstore can create searchable PDFs

Key Benefits

  • Image Clean-Up
  • PDF Creation: Searchable PDFs
  • OCR Conversion
  • Easy File Naming: Manual entry or Pick from name lists
  • Scan to Folder
  • Scan to Email: Sends file or notification with document links